7kVA Residential Solar SystemJust Solar PV Panels

Just Solar photovoltaic panels are all classed as A-Grade panels. This in essence means that the physical tolerances as well as the output tolerances are within prescribed values.

The output tolerance are normally a + tolerance, which means that the panel actually produces more Watts than the specified value.

Our panels range from 50W up to 300W, but smaller and bigger sizes can be specially made up for specific orders.

Our panels feature 3.2mm Tempered glass and can withstand a 500g steel ball dropped from 1m at right angles onto the glass, without breaking.

The frames are made from anodised aluminium and the junction boxes are IP65 rated.

All panels are fitted with MC4 connectors, which are also IP65 rated.

Be assured that only the best solar panels are kept in stock, and no B or even C grade panels are sold by us.

Just Solar Controllers

PWM Controllers

Our newest generation solar charge regulators sets new standards in solar technology. A big graphical display shows all system information in a self explaining way. The integrated central processing unit, called Atonic, provides a charge controller with new functions. Atonic is more than a protective device for your battery, and contains the most recent and innovative technology. It contains a self-learning algorithm which gives detailed information on the battery’s state of charge (SOC).

This optimized State Of charge(SOC) algorithm is more precise than ever known and is displayed similar to a fuel gauge. It adjusts itself to the battery’s age and capacity. The SOC provides a basis for all control and regulatory functions. This new type of hybrid regulator is much more efficient than conventional series and shunt regulators. Furthermore the regulator is equipped with an electronic fuse which protects the regulator much better than a mechanical fuse and offers more comfort to the user as it reconnects automatically.


MPPT Controllers

Maximum Power Point Controllers functions to determine the best possible IV value to optimise the solar panel output and can be up to 30% more effective than with normal PWM controllers.

Just Solars' range of MPPT controllers have a lot of features and benefits as stated below.

In additional a manual load switch is available on the regulator. Overcharge Protection: 

  • Temperature-adjusted SOC and final voltage. Optimised float, boost, equalisation charging.
  • The varied charging rate provide complete use of the battery capacity, and maximum life.
  • The controller adapts itself to 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V or 60V systems automatically on installation.


  • External temperature sensor
  • Digital multi-function alarm output

Over discharge Protection:

  • The SOC provides load disconnect
  • Warning of imminent load disconnect


  • Graphical self explaining LC-Display
  • SOC and Voltage of the battery as well as all currents.
  • All values are displayed as numbers and can be selected by a button.
  • Operation status and detailed error report

Safety Features:

  • Electronic fuse, protection against over current and over voltage
  • Protection against wrong polarity and short circuit
  • Extremely low electromagnetic emission

Solar Power

The state of the electricity shortage that we are currently experiencing in the country has led many people to start thinking of an alternative form of energy. Solar power is the next best option that you can use to create electricity to run homes and businesses. You need to understand solar energy and its importance before making the switch. The best advantage of solar energy is that it’s free and does not compromise the environment. The need for solar power has increased and at Just Solar, we are well-equipped to supply the demand. We are a reputable manufacturer and supplier of solar power products including Grid-Tie and Off-Grid Solar Power equipment.

Solar Panels

Solar energy is produced from sunlight; meaning that the sun has to make contact with a particular object in order to create solar energy. Solar panels are used to produce electricity by converting the sun’s energy into intense heat through various mirror configurations; the heat is then carried through to a conventional generator and distributed. Just Solar is a supplier of A-Grade classed photovoltaic panels that range from 50W up to 300W; these specifications can also be customised to the client’s requirements.

Solar Deep Cycle Batteries

Deep cycle batteries are designed to deeply discharge whilst using most of its capacity regularly. The solar deep cycle battery has a different lead battery plate when compared to car batteries as they have been designed with thicker lead plates. These batteries are used in Off-grid solar systems; they are the fuel tank that creates functionality. Each solar deep cycle battery has its own function and application; for instance, UPS or backup applications work well with calcium deep cycle batteries and for solar power solutions, AGM deep cycle batteries are more suitable.

Just Solar offers a range of solar deep cycle batteries that differ in application and cost due to their capacity levels. Our solar deep cycle battery range consists of various lead acid battery options which can be used perfectly for solar powered energy systems. Just Solar deep cycle batteries have a lifespan of 7 years and we are able to guarantee a high-quality product that functions with pristine efficiency.

If you have a solar power system in your building, investing in a quality solar battery is a necessity. Should you require a solar battery or more information on our range of solar batteries, contact us today.

Solar Charge Controller

A charge controller regulates and limits the rate an electrical current is added to or drawn from an electrical battery. They perform the essential function of ensuring that the battery does not overcharge and are protected against overvoltage. Charge controllers will effectively cut-off the current from the PV panels when the voltage of the battery reaches a specific level.

A Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) controller performs an added function of improving the efficiency of your system. The MPPT technology is electronically refined; this DC converter optimizes the match between the PV panels and battery pack or the utility grid.An MPPT controller functions by looking at the output of the panels and compares it to the battery voltage.

Just Solar regular charge controllers and MPPT charge controllers are the best quality available to use for your solar systems. Our charge controllers are sold as separate devices, and their basic functions are quite simple.

The following charge controllers are available:

  • JSPRL2020
  • MPPT2010
  • MPPT60A
  • MPPT80A
  • Tarom245
  • Tarom440
  • Power Tarom 4055
  • Power Tarom 4110
  • Power Tarom 4140

If you are looking for the best charge controllers on the market, look no further than Just Solar. Contact us for more information on our products and services.

Camping Solar Panels

No matter where you camp, having a portable power and solar panels will ensure you enjoy the outdoors even more. Just Solar is an importer and supplier of high-quality camping solar panels that are both durable and highly efficient.

We have the following camping solar panels available:

  • 110W Camping panel
  • 90W Photoflex foldable solar panel
  • 10W Foldable
  • 90W photoflex foldable solar panel excluding controller

LED Lights

LED lights are very versatile, extremely energy efficient and can be used for many applications. They consume less power than an incandescent light bulb and dramatically reduce power costs. Due to the low power usage of LED lights, they are fast becoming the most popular light source choice in areas that use solar systems.

At Just Solar we a have a wide range of durable LED lights available for a variety of applications.

We have the following types of LED lights available:

  • LED bars
  • Round LED lights
  • Square LED lights
  • LED work lights
  • LED strips
  • Residential LED lights
  • Commercial LED lights
  • LED torches

4x4 Accessories

Camping is still one of the most relaxing and exciting outdoor activities that one can experience in the hustle and bustle of today. We have also become so reliant on electricity that being in the great outdoors without a charge point for cameras and phones is a terrifying thought. Just Solar is a solar solutions company that supplies the most useful 4x4 solar accessories available on the market today.

Solar power is a clean and environmentally friendly form of energy in an outdoorcamping setting. The option of permanently installing solar panels on the roof of your 4x4, trailer or caravan is convenient but has its limits. The next best option is to find a portable solar system which can be set-up where there is sufficient space without trees shadowing over the unit and reducing its efficiency. At Just Solar, we have foldable solar panels that fit into portable storage systems that can be set up in an open space near your campsite.

The Just Solar 4x4 solar powered system comprises of the following:

  • A solar panel
  • A charge controller
  • A solar battery
  • A DC-AC power inverter

If you are interested in our range of products, please call us today for more information.


An inverter is the main component of any independent solar panel and battery power back-up system that requires AC power. Inverters are electronic devices that serve the purpose of changing Direct Currents to Alternating Currents to run electrical appliances.A solar inverter converts DC output of photovoltaic solar panel into the utility frequency alternating current, which is filtered through a commercial electrical grid or off-grid electrical network.DC-AC power inverters are used to work in conjunction with photovoltaic solar panel systems.

Solar Inverters may be classified into three broad types:

  • Stand-alone inverters
  • Grid-tie inverters
  • Battery backup inverters

Special functions are adapted for solar power inverters to be used with photovoltaic arrays, including maximum power point tracking and anti-islanding protection.Just Solar is a supplier of high-quality solar inverters for all solar power operated applications.We supply a range of inverters which are available in a variety of sizes, types and DC-AC power inverter ratings to suit your specific need and application.

For more information on our range of solar inverters, please contact Just Solar today.

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